10 Adorable Pet Fails That Remind Us Of Real Life Situations

Whenever the world and all its bullshit starts to overwhelm us, animals are always there to brighten up our spirits. From watching endless hours of cat videos to watching our own pets embarrass themselves, nothing is a better mood-lifter than animal fails as they remind us that they’re often just like us except with the pressures of life to stress them tf out! Wouldn’t it be nice if our only problem was when we’d get taken out for a walk or how we’re going to grab that fruit bowl on the counter? Lucky bastards. Here are 10 adorable pet fails that remind us that the struggle is real in most human situations!

When you wake up in the morning with zero desire to do anything or deal with anyone.

When you have to go out in the snow but you’re just not feeling it.

When you’re trying to be all sexy but it just comes off as disturbing and flat out backfires.

When a friend wants to play a game you have zero interest in so you act like you care until you’re gloriously out.

When you’re in gym class and you don’t even need to put in any effort to prove you hate this crap.

That jerk who steps over everyone to jumpstart his career.

When you try your best but you still can’t win.

When you’re working on your fitness with no witness.

When you wake up ready and energized vs. when you check your inbox a few minutes later.

When you finally get off that smelly ass subway car and you’re able to breathe again yet you still feel like the stank got sucked into your body.