Why We Sneak Love Shawn Mendes

If you’re over the age of say… 19, odds are you’re all, “Who’s this Shawn Mendes guy the kids are talking about?” Well all you old souls out there are really missing out. Shawn might be a youngin’ born in 1998, but he’s kind of killing the pop/soft rock game right now. His sophomore album, Illuminate, did premiere at #1 on the Billboard charts, selling 145,000 the first week. Plus, he makes teenage girls swoon and let’s be honest, he makes grown ladies swoon too with his heartfelt songs and surprisingly sexy bod. Better yet, unlike other Canadian pop stars that started out young and fell off the rails (we’re looking at you, Biebs) Shawny’s reputation is as clean and crisp as his t-shirts.

Here are ten reasons we sneak love Shawn Mendes:

He’s an upstanding Canadian boy.

He LOVES his fans.

He’s so darn tall. Swoon time. 

He’s tried his hand at acting on the CW show, The 100, and it was adorable.

He has a buttery singing voice. 

He’s a total babe. A teenage babe, but babe none the less!

He can play guitar and piano. He ain’t “just” a vocalist. 

His social media game a V V strong. I mean, his cover videos and Vines launched his career!

He transitioned from straight pop to soft rock with his second album Illuminate (we’re talking John Mayer and Ed Sheeran vibes) and that’s pretty chill for a teen.

He’s just a charmer. Seriously, did you see him on The Late Late Show with James Corden?