Why It’s Worth Waiting For The Right Person

Let’s be real here. It seems like the more you read up on dating and relationships these days, the more frustrated you become. But this isn’t like all those articles you’ve read on modern dating, I promise. Those daunting (and let’s be honest, ridiculous) rules everyone must follow can make even the loneliest of hearts a tad bit turned off. When it comes to real love, playing games of cat and mouse is anything but cute.

I’ve always been the single girl but I never viewed that as a bad thing. I had my first boyfriend when I was 17 and we dated for four years. It was probably the worst relationship to start with as I felt emotionally abused throughout most of our time together and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t still feel scarred from it. It put a bad taste in my mouth and made me view dating as an evil force in this world that tries to mold us into the people we aren’t. After we broke up, I felt a sense of freedom that I had never felt before. I had no intentions of ever being in another relationship like that again, but then I fell for someone I couldn’t have and it was then, (oddly enough) that I learned what love was, despite being on my own. I learned that I was more than I was told or made to feel. I learned that I didn’t lack the capacity to love another person with everything that I had. But with all of that, I also experienced the hell of unrequited love – a story I am no stranger to – but in the end, it taught me lessons I’m forever grateful for and prepared me for what I have now. Everything really does happen for a reason.

I met my current boyfriend in high school. He asked me out senior year, but I didn’t feel it was right. We barely spoke then but oddly enough, we kept in touch all these years. About three years ago, we started to become friendlier and we had hung out once – our first time seeing each other since high school – but yet again, something felt off. Fast forward to last summer and there we were on our first date. I was going through a rough patch (one of many) and he was such a comfort to me. I started to see a side to him that I didn’t think was there. Sitting in the car with him that day, I knew in my gut we were going to be a couple but I had no idea of the magnitude in which he would change my life.

After you’ve been hurt so many times, it’s hard to ever believe that the right person even exists. Sometimes, the people we think are right for us are nothing but trouble. More often than not, those people can drain us of our capability to love, making us believe that we are damaged. I just recently learned that, luckily, that isn’t the case at all. The right person is out there. If you’re meant to be with someone, they’re yours. You may not like who the universe has in store for you if you found out ahead of time (trust me; I thought my boyfriend was an obnoxious bonehead a couple of years ago. He’s still obnoxious but now that we’re in love, I think it’s adorable, so go figure!) but that just means the both of you have some growing up to do before the timing is right. When you find it, you’ll know and it’ll be the hardest thing you ever try to deny.

There’s nothing wrong in waiting for the right person. In the meantime, work on you. It’ll pay off for the both of you in the long run. As the song goes, “you can’t hurry love.”