#FBF The Best of RPattz and KStew

Can I get a “TGIF?!” We survived the first week of February. We survived another round of Executive Orders. (Kind of.) So, on this #FBF, let’s go back to the good old days. Before there was the Hunger Games, and 50 Shades Darker, there was Twilight. We all went nuts for those sparkly vampires and sexy werewolves. The flicks were both hilarious and chill to watch over and over again, primarily because Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson really crushed it. They managed to make absurd plot lines and ridiculous passion pretty damn fun. And of course, we all went hog wild knowing they were actually together IRL as ROBSTEN until KStew did a little cheat cheat number that blew up everywhere. That’s a tale for another day, though. Today, we celebrate the best of KStew and RPattz.