#FBF Early 2000s Pop Star Poses

Happy Friday, party people! You made it through Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day if you want to sugar coat the fact you spent it solo) and now you’re about to rage like you just got paid. Speaking of “Friday Night… Just Got Paid” let’s talk early 2000’s pop stars on this particular #FBF. In the heyday of pop music when you were rocking out to CDs by *NSYNC, BSB, Brit Brit, and Xtina, photo shoots were a real treat. It was all about pointing fingers at the camera, crossing your arms, showing off your belly, and keeping your arms lifted with your hands near your head. These photos are downright classics, so enjoy the dated, but chill as f*ck poses offered up by some of your fave early 2000’s music sensations.