8 Ways to Resist the Urge to Drunk Text Your Crush

We’ve all been there. You’re crushing hard on some guy or some gal. Your heart’s beating like mad and you kind of feel sick all the time, so you decide to hang with your pals to distract yourself. Suddenly, you’re out on the town and several wines deep. Yup, that’s when it happens. It’s like the booze is telling you it’s a SUPER great idea to pull out your phone and start texting your potential lover. If you’re “lucky,” your crush will show up or you’ll end up Uber-ing to their door for some “Netflix and chill.” If you’re unlucky, you’ll wake up with a hangover and a text history that fills you with shame and regret. With this tragedy in mind, here are 8 ways to resist the urge to drunk text your crush.

Text a girlfriend instead. (Preferably, a sober one whose at home with the brains to convince you otherwise.)

Delete your crush’s number for the night. If you know yourself and your habits, remove their contact info from your phone before getting lit. 

Ask two sober strangers if it’s a good idea. If you’re in a bar, I’m sure your friendly bartender will talk you down.

Google “Drunk Texts” and see what comes up. That’ll keep you on the straight and narrow. 

Swap phones with your BFF. This can backfire if your friend is in the same state of mind. But if you both commit to staying off the horn and living in the present, the pay off is major. 

Leave your phone at home. There’s no temptation that way. Plus what a conversation starter for any potential crushes you may run into at the bar!

Play “Let’s Make a Deal” with yourself. If you want to drunk text your crush, you have to complete some tasks you’ve been avoiding. Call your credit card company, upgrade your phone plan, email your mom back. Earn the right to botch your crush game!

Flex your willpower muscle. You’re a strong, independent, beautiful specimen. If your crush wanted a piece, they’d be blowing up your phone. So just say no and have a great time.