8 Ways to Just Be Better

It’s almost March! We’ve endured nearly two months with a whacky president and things just feel upside down. I mean, the California drought has suddenly turned into the California wetlands. The Bachelor has finally gotten to the “unwatchable” point, and there are apparently fake terrorist attacks all over the world. Before you pour yourself another glass of wine and try to check out from reality to avoid a pit of WTF despair, think about the little things you can do to make your pocket of the world better.

Here are eight simple ways to be better:

Drink More Water

Seriously. Everyone should drink more water. The more hydrated you are the better.

Tip 20% or More

Waiting tables and slinging drinks is tough work. Make all the folks in hospitality that much happier by always tipping 20% or even higher if the service is truly impeccable. Sparing an extra dollar or two can seriously make someone’s day.

Be Friendly 

The world can be a frustrating place and you’re probably stressed from work and annoyed at your boyfriend and mad that you just got a parking ticket. When life sucks, try not to punish the people around you. Be friendly, wear a smile, and act right. Your mood might get better as a result.

Order a Salad

When you sit down to eat at a restaurant, odds are your stomach is already in the process of eating itself. You’re so famished that sandwiches, pasta, french fries, and all the grease are calling your name. In these moments, try ordering a salad on occasion. You’ll feel great after your meal and your body will thank you for all the veggies.


Are you passionate about your rescue dog, women’s rights, or immigration? If there’s a cause that truly speaks to you, find an organization that you can volunteer for. You’ll feel warm and fuzzy making a difference and contributing to the greater good.

Push Like Hell to Stay Positive

Embrace the good vibes only mantra. If there are negative forces in your life, steer clear.

Group Exercise

Yoga at home or treadmill jogs can get a tad lonely. Be one with the people by enjoying group exercise classes or signing up for a 5K or a color run. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new pal.

Visualize Your Future

Do you want to write a book, get a promotion, fall in love, or turn your hobby into your full-time hustle? Visualize your future, plot the steps to get there, and will it into the universe because you deserve it!