8 Reasons Milo Ventimiglia is a Total Babe

At this point, odds are you’re crying through every episode of This Is Us. It’s emotional catnip and the foxy Milo Ventimiglia makes this show just glorious to watch. Our boy Milo has been a TV star for decades, from Gilmore Girls to Heroes. Sure, he had a couple of short lived shows like Wolverine and Mob City that didn’t exactly slay us, but hey… we won’t hold it against him. Between his face, his bod, and his ability to cue the waterworks, he’s the true definition of babe.

Here are eight reasons Milo Ventimiglia is a total babe:

He has the most luscious locks.

He was bad boy Jess on Gilmore Girls for goodness sake!

He understands the emotional turmoil This Is Us brings viewers every week.

He can totally pull off a cast.

He rocks a fitted suit like no other.

His body is just… speaking for itself, ya know?

He just crushes as a young dad!

His chemistry with Mandy Moore is everything.