5 Reasons Why Valentine’s Day Ruled As a Kid

Growing up, Valentine’s Day ruled! It was another holiday to get sugar wasted on all the candy in the world while handing out the coolest cards with our favorite celebs and cartoon characters on them. What’s not to like? As the trials of getting older weigh down on us and being single on V-Day is often frowned upon, let’s get a little nostalgic for those good ol’ days as we look back on why Valentine’s Day was the best as a kid.

There was no pressure behind it at all.

Let’s be real: Sometimes we feel obligated to do shit on V-Day because the greeting card companies make it feel mandatory. Kids don’t have to worry about any of that. Too bad we didn’t appreciate it while it lasted.

Handing out boxed cards was the best!

From Britney Spears to NSYNC to Pokemon and Lisa Frank, boxed cards were the greatest thing ever! Plus, you know you always saved the best ones for your BFFs!

Being single was the norm and if you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, you probs had cooties.

For realz.

There was nothing like making heart-shaped Valentines out of pink & red construction paper.

This was probably the bane of my existence back in the day. Not sorry.

Between the candy and baked goods, that Valentine’s sugar rush was EVERYTHING!

More chocolate, please!