5 Reasons Demi Lovato And Selena Gomez Will Never Be Close Again

It’s always sad to see a tight friendship fall apart, but as we travel down our own life paths, not everyone who we meet along the way will stick by your side forever.

In the case of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez, the two were as close as best friends can be. They broke into the business at the same time, have had equal amounts of success, and were able to break away from their former Disney personas.

Unfortunately time and change wasn’t on the side of their friendship. As they got older, Selena was absorbed into the world of dating the biggest pop star on the planet and being Taylor Swift‘s #1 “squad” member. Demi faced her inner demons and went to rehab, retired from partying, and chooses to avoid the spotlight when she’s not working.

They’ve followed and unfollowed each other on social media, had sweet public meetings, and tried to rekindle the magic of their friendship heyday, but it’s never recovered. Here are 5 reasons why the former besties are dunzo for good.

1. Demi doesn’t like Taylor Swift.  

There’s no law that says you can’t be friends with one person, but not like their other friends, but in this case, Taylor kinda swooped in and stole Selena away from Demi, and has never made any move to try and get the pair back together or include Demi in any kind of hang.

2. Kim Kardashian-West is a close friend of Demi’s.

Kim leaked the call Taylor had with Kanye West approving of her name being used in his song “Famous” on Snapchat. Demi made it clear she supported the decision by liking a Twitter users tweets saying, “I love Kim Kardashian.” Selena was one of the first to jump to Taylor’s defense dividing their friendship into opposite camps.

3. They haven’t been spotted together in so long we don’t remember the last time we saw them doing normal friend stuff.

If both girls were committed to keeping their friendship going, they’d def make the effort to try and get together at least once every few months for a lunch or casual hang. But the pair has kept their face-time limited to award shows and events. Even then, they don’t sit next to each other, talk, or take photos together.

4. Selena hangs with a super Hollywood crowd and Demi doesn’t.

We’re always pretty in touch with who, what, when, and where Selena is chillin’, and it’s usually with another famous young Hollywood face, but Demi has a non-famous group of friends she hangs with and the word “squad” isn’t included.

5. They’re schedules are too much to stay tight. 

Once a friendship is as fractured as theirs, it’s hard to get back to a really good place with each other without spending a lot of face time together. Unfortunately, Sel and Dem have demanding schedules that doesn’t allow them the kind of one-on-one time needed to get them back to the bond they once shared.