36 Pics Of Celebs We Wish Had Pastel Hair

We all are huge fans of pastel hair here at Buzznet and love drooling over the beyond beautiful shades posted online. Pastel hair is always extra amazing when a celeb takes the plunge and dyes their locks to match the color of a beautiful easter egg, but unfortunately their job requires them to be constant shape shifters, so pastel hair likely wouldn’t last long on any famous face, unless you’re Kelly Osbourne!

However, for a moment just imagine if all of our fave celebs just went for it and dyed their hair pastel…incredible, right?!?! That hasn’t happened, yet, but there are a ton of photo-shopped pics out there of celebs with pastel locks. We pulled some of our faves for you to take a peek above! Browse through the gallery and comment on who you think looks best with pastel hair!