Things Every Girl Thinks When She Starts Crushing On Her Guy Friend

Crushes are hard, but they’re even harder when one day a flip switches and suddenly you’re having more-than-friend-feels for the guy you always thought was just a good buddy. It can be super confusing, scary, and make you start stressing about whether or not you should attempt to cross the line and make it a bf/gf kind of relationship. So it’s no wonder every girl thinks the following when presented with this matter of the heart.

1. OMG when did my buddy get so hot? Has he always been this much of a babe?

2. Wait! What am I thinking! We’re JUST friends!!

3. I wonder if he’s ever looked at me with more-than-friend-feels?

4. Should I be reading into all our inside jokes? 

5. We could never date…our friendship would be ruined. 

6. But what if he’s “the one?”

7. No no…he can’t be “the one”… or could he?

8. Ahhh I hate feelings.

9. I’m probably only crushing on him because there’s no one else to crush on. 

10. Oh jeez I hope I can be normal around him. 

11. I wonder who he’s crushing on. She’s probably not as cool as me. 

12. Wait, I already decided this wan’t gonna happen.

13. Even so, I’ll still hate whoever he dates that isn’t me. 

14. FUCK.

15. Should I say something? 

16. If I’m stressing this hard, I definitely like him. 

17. I better go stalk his social media to make sure he’s not flirting with anyone if I decide to say something. 

18. I hate social media because it looks like he’s flirting with everyone and no one is as cute and rad as me. 

19. FML

20. I wish I never met him because this sucks.