14 Things To Do On Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is coming up fast and if you don’t have a special someone to celebrate with, it’s doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to hiding under your covers in a dark room waiting for the day to pass. Love comes to those who are confident and happy with who they are. Love unexpectedly happens when you’re so busy doing your own thing, a significant other is the last thing on your mind. So instead of hating on the happy heart day, here are 14 ways to spend the day with a smile on your face.

1. Go see a movie and splurge on concessions. Seriously, you’ll be so wrapped up in what’s happening on the big screen and enjoying your goodies, the thought of being single won’t even enter your mind.

2. Treat yourself to a mani-pedi. It’s guaranteed good feels to look at your nails and see them freshly painted and looking on point. Plus it gives you something to post on Instagram.

3. Organize a sleepover with all your single friends. Watch rom-coms and only talk about your celebrity crushes…because the ones in real life have potential to literally, well, crush you.

4. Donate blood. If you aren’t afraid of needles, giving the gift of life to those who really need it is all you’ll need to make your heart feel full.

5. Get in the kitchen and make something delicious! Even if you aren’t an amazing chef, it’s fun to experiment and you might just surprise yourself!

6. Binge watch something…as long as it isn’t sad! Getting caught up in the lives of fictitious characters could lead to some serious life inspiration!

7. Shop your closet! If you’re feeling like you’re in a style rut, pull everything out of your closet and do a marathon fashion show. Create new outfits, get rid of what you don’t wear anymore and check out all your favorite fashion blogs for ideas of how to pair what you already have together! You’ll basically have a fresh new look to turn heads without spending a dime!

8. Or go shopping! Take a little cash and hit the mall or do a little online retail therapy. Adding something new and special to your wardrobe will lift your spirits and make you feel good.

9. DIY Valentines and deliver them to your friends. Their smiles will make you smile.

10. Find cute animals to play with. Whether it be your own or someone you’re close with, something soft and cuddly will make having a bf/gf seem really insignificant. If all else fails…go to a pet store and hang out until they ask you to leave. LOL.

11. Go on a day trip. Find a mode of transportation to get you out of town for the day. Being in a new surrounding with lots to explore is a great distraction and definitely exciting!

12. Hang out with your family. If you want to be around someone who loves you, just look to the people who you’ve grown up with. That’s the kind of love that will never leave your life.

13. Get in a good work out. Exercise releases those awesome endorphins in your body that will leave you feeling great!

14. Commit random acts of kindness. Buy a stranger a cup of coffee. Hold doors. Smile and say hello to people on the street. Compliment someone on their outfit. Share your dessert. Surprise someone with a sweet text or call telling them they’re great! Think of something you can do for someone else just to be kind. The gratitude you’ll receive will be worth a zillion valentines.