10 Small Struggles Only Girls Can Understand

If you’re a girl, it’s easy to understand the small struggles we deal with that can make us all feel a little crazy and erupt with a loud “Arrrrgh!” They’re annoying, happen often, and if these struggles didn’t exist, the world would be a happier place.

1. Clumping mascara – Because even if you get mascara that says it doesn’t clump…it does.

2. Runs in a new pair of tights or nylons – You’d think everything would be “run proof” by now, but they still happen…usually on the first day you wear them and you’re headed somewhere important.

3. A broken nail – Not only does this fuck with the whole aesthetic of your hand, but it’s always right after you shell out a pretty penny for an profesh mani.

4. Bad hair days – This is my struggle every single day and I hate it. Plus if you’re not a hat or “up do” type gal, you’re pretty much screwed.

5. Finding the perfect bra – It doesn’t matter your cup size, finding the perfect bra that looks good under everything in your wardrobe is like finding a unicorn that shits $100 dollar bills.

6. Using the bathroom at any crowded public venue – You literally wait 25 minutes to use the toilet because you can’t just retreat to a dark corner outside to do your thing, and halfway through your pee, you’ve got people banging on the door to hurry up. OMFG CALM DOWN.

7. Getting sized up by other girls – As women, we should stick together, lift each other up, and feel safe and accepted among our own. Unfortunately, it’s hard to feel that way when you are suddenly feeling super judged by another girl’s elevator eyes.

8. Figuring out the perfect first date outfit – You get one chance at a first date with someone and figuring out what to wear can seriously be the most stressful thing ever.

9. Putting on lipstick without a mirror – Some girls are super human and can put on lipstick anywhere, with or without a mirror, but for those of us who are challenged in that department, there’s a good chance of looking like a low rent clown after putting it on blind.

10. Wearing heels that make you seriously think about cutting your feet off before the night is over – I don’t wear heels for this very reason. It’s LEGIT the WORST to head out for a night looking fly as fuck with the perfect heels that make your legs look 5 miles long, but slowly cramp, burn, and pinch your feet to the point of orthopedic hell.