Flower Beards For Your Boyfriend: Hot Or Not?

Oh the things we find on the Internet. With festival season creeping up on us faster than you can say 2017, it’s time to consider thinking about festival fashion and accessories to make you stand out in the crowd. While all us gals are totally accustomed (and maybe sick of) flower crowns for our heads, it seems like guys are left out of the mix of fun, wacky, and eye catching ways to add flair to their festival look.

Well fear not, because we’ve stumbled upon some insanely cool floral inspired beards that take foliage to another level. Sure your boyfriend might be resistant to sticking leaves, twigs, flowers and other living stuff in their face fur, but we find it absolutely hilarious and a wonderful way to get him in the spirit!

Click into the gallery above for all the inspo you need! We still have a couple months until festival season truly kicks off, but we have a feeling the advance notice is all the time you’ll need to get your significant other on board to trick out their beard.

What do you think of these floral beards…hot or not?