This Is How You “Play It Cool” When You Have Crush

Having crushes can be so fun, especially in the early days. Everything about this new love interst is exciting and cool…the most mundane things like seeing them eat a sandwich is the stuff swoon worthy moments are made of.

However, as time goes on and the crush gets stronger, it can be realllly hard to just “play it cool,” and not ruin your chance with them. Yes, we know it can be a serious struggle to remain chill around the person you have major feels for, but we’ve got a few tips on how to handle yourself.

1. Don’t follow them on every social media platform. 

It’s usually a good idea to pick one (ie: Instagram), follow them on that, and call it a day. It shows you have interest in them, but keeps you from looking like you’re trying to keep tabs on all their comings and goings. Also, keep your likes and comments in check. It’s not bad to like or comment, but if you’re blowing up every post with a like and emoji filled comment, your crush is gonna be pretty obvious.

2. Don’t bug his friends about your crush. 

It’s totally ok to let it be known that you think your crush is super cool, but if you start pumping his friends for info, or try to get invites to hangs you know he’s gonna be at, you’re at risk of looking a little despo.

3. Avoid making excuses to contact your crush. 

If you have a legitimate reason to be in touch, by all means, reach out. But excuses like, “Did I see you at the mall today? I swear I saw someone who looked just like you.” are totally transparent.

4. When you’re around your crush, don’t hover waiting for them to give you attention.

One of the most attractive qualities someone can have is confidence. When you’re in the same place as your crush, say hi, but do your own thing! It gives you an air of mystery, and if they’re interested in you too, not giving them too much attention is going to make them want more.

Do you have tips for keeping it cool around your crush?