The 12 Struggles Of Winter

I have completely had it with winter and it’s only January! The snow, the bitter cold, feeling like the Michelin tire man with some stupid coat on all the time, ugly ass snow boots that don’t even keep my feet warm. The list is endless. There are plenty of things to complain about winter so why not list the ways we hate this time of year while we all gather around and relate to the struggle?!

Gathering up the strength and courage to leave the house.

Mastering the art of dressing warm enough while still being able to move.

Fighting with those so-called “smart gloves” meanwhile you only wind up taking them off to text because they’re super annoying.

Practicing your ability to walk on ice and survive unscathed.

Salt messing up your footwear.

Sweating your ass off on public transportation and department stores.

Freezing your ass off waiting for public transportation.

The mountains you have to climb to get on the bus.

Slushy street corners. Enough said.

The comfort food cravings.

How the news gets so dramatic when there’s a storm.

Having to put your hood up while turning your entire body around to see what’s behind you.

What do you hate about winter?