Leonardo DiCaprio Is Never Going To Settle Down And This Is Why

No one in Hollywood ever thought they’d see the day when George Clooney would say, “bye!” to his bachelor lifestyle and get married. However, now that he’s settled down with his stunning and super intelligent wife Amal Clooney, the confirmed bachelor crown sits firmly on the head of Leonardo DiCaprio. The teen heartthrob turned Oscar winning actor, has had a long history dating a bevy of world famous supermodels. Though there were times we thought Leo might be close to getting down on one knee, these days, we’re pretty sure it’s never going to happen. Here are 10 reasons Leonardo DiCaprio will never settle down. And why should he?!

1. He knows that if his current love interest fizzles out, there’s a zillion other stunning women who are happy to take her place.

2. Leo is in such high demand, he doesn’t have time for a serious relationship.

3. Leo’s first priority is saving the environment, not finding true love.

4. He already has a go-to plus one for award shows, his mom.

5. It’s hard to find someone who won’t be totally starstruck by him.

6. Being in a relationship means being followed all the time, and Leo HATES the paparazzi.

7. Finding someone who can seamlessly fit in with is tight circle of friends is no easy feat.

8. He likes to keep people on their toes and wondering about his “status.”

9. After the age of 37, the chance of a man getting married drops dramatically.

10. There isn’t another bachelor in Hollywood who he could pass the crown to.