Kylie Jenner Is Accused Of Photoshopping A Wart On Her Knee…LOL

Ready for some Friday LOLs? Fans are freaking out over a romantically cute pic Tyga posted to his Instagram of Kylie Jenner on his lap while on vacation together. No, fan minds are not getting blown over what’s going on between Tyga and Kylie, but on what looks to be a huge brown wart on her knee.

If you follow Kylie on social media, you know she’s posted a zillion pics of her in various outfits that reveal her knee and there’s never been a wart. Why Kylie would decide to photoshop a large wart on her knee is beyond, but take a look…what do you think?

It seemed pretty unlikely that Kylie would do that, but one fan with a sharp eye figured it out. “Totally thought she had a wart on her knee, but it’s all perspective — something in front of her knee hahaha.”

If you look closely at Kylie’s knee you can see there is a branch of a plant in the foreground, giving the illusion of a wart. LOL.

Mystery solved!