How To Deal When You Have An Impossible Crush

Crushes are super fun, but we all know they’re called crushes for a reason. They can suck if your crush barely knows you exist. You might have had one of those really fun hangs, that was totally unexpected, and it was a fluke of fate that introduced you guys, leaving you feeling like you might have just met your next plus one.

However, it’s bad timing. They’re always traveling, or just got out of a relationship, or just got into a relationship, or maybe dating isn’t a priority, and these one-off hangs is all they want. Regardless of the reason, you don’t have their number. They didn’t ask for yours. Yes, you have mutual friends, but you don’t dare talk to any of them about your crush, because #embarrassment and #fear of them running to your crush and spilling the beans on your feelings.

So you sit and stare at their Instagram and feel your heart strings pull and stomach drop every time you see a new post. You know the only thing you can do is “play it cool” and hope that one day you will cross paths, stars will align, and this would-be “great love” will be all yours. In the meantime, you can prevent yourself from going completely mentally cray cray with these following tips.

1. Distract yourself

Make plans on plans with friends, binge watch a show, read a book, DIY stuff you never wear in your closet to create some cute, fresh looks. Focusing your mental energy on other stuff will keep your mind from straying back to your crush.

2. Exercise

Seriously…not only will this jump start all those feel good endorphins, but you’ll suddenly have a slammin’ bod that will feel amazing!

3. Purge all your feelings to a friend who doesn’t know your crush

One of the hardest things is having a shit ton of feels for someone and not being able to express it. So grab your BFF, a sibling, parent, hell even an uber driver will do, and spill it! Telling someone about your hardcore crush is an awesome release and your heart can relax for a second.

4. Throw your energy into a hobby

We all have something we feel passionate about. Music, art, dance, helping the environment…whatever…put the extra energy you have into it. You’ll make great things happen and if/when your crush pops back up, you’ll look really awesome for having a ton of stuff going on in your life.

5. Be open to dating other people.

When you have a crush it’s hard to imagine liking anyone else, but while you’re waiting to see how it unfolds, say yes to opportunities to go out with someone else. You might be surprised who steals your heart.

6. Remember that one time hangs are sometimes better left as an awesome memory

Ugh…this is a harsh reality to accept, but if numbers weren’t exchanged, they haven’t read your Instagram DM, and have basically disappeared into thin air, it may be time to let it go and move on.