Hot Or Not: Selena’s Dinosaur Sweater Denim Heel Combo

Back in the day, Selena Gomez once swore she’d never wear anything other than a pair of Converse. Haha…it’s laughable and cute, because flash forward almost 10 years later and she’s evolved into a legitimate style icon.

She’s had more hits than misses and when she pushes the boundaries of fashion, we can’t help but have mad #respect for the young Hollywood starlet, even if we’re not a fan of alll her fashion choices. So when she stepped out in ankle grazing mom jeans, nude heels, and a blue sweater with a dinosaur on the front, it was obviously going to cause a little buzz in the fashion world.

With a freshly lobbed ‘do and rose colored glasses, it’s not a look everyone can pull off, but looks amazing on Sel! We love her daring choices and would chalk this up to a major fashion risk that works and wins!

What do you think of Selena’s latest fashion risk? Hot or Not?