Beauty DIY: Skin Saving Oat Mask

We’re here to once again deliver you an amazing DIY beauty idea. We’re in the thick of winter, which means your skin is probably feeling dry and might be looking like all kinds of terrible. This week we wanted to find a fun mask that really saves dry and sensitive skin. In the past we’ve been big fans of the Lush‘ brand Oatifix facial mask because all of the ingredients are natural and it worked wonders to our skin. However, not everyone (including us!) has the kind of money to constantly keep that little jar of magic stockedin our bathroom cabinet! So we did a little research and came across this DIY mask that is very similar to the one sold at Lush. It is perfect for sensitive, dry and combo skin. It left us feeling fresh faced and our skin felt amazing!

What you will need:


Half a Banana

Coconut oil

What to do:

Put the oats in a bowl with a little water and microwave for 30 seconds to create a pasty substance. The oats will calm your skin and soothe any redness or blemish marks.

Mash the banana in with the oats. The banana helps lock moisture into your skin.

Add coconut oil. This is an amazing product that everyone should have in their house!

Spread over face evenly and leave on until hard. Wash off with warm water!

Let us know if you try this DIY and what you think!