A Sample Of The Best Signs From The Women’s March

Saturday Dec. 21, was a HERstoric days. More than a million men and women across the United States and the world banded together in solidarity for peace, love and equality. The march touched  on a myriad of issues from women’s reproductive rights to immigration laws.

It was a staggering turnout that far exceeded expectations, and served as a warning to not mess with women, and those who support equal rights for all. The message is powerful, the passion is fiery, and it’s clear voices will not be silenced by those sitting in the powerful seats of political office.

The march not only brought important issues to the forefront, but offered a lot of comic relief with creative signs that were, punny, hilarious and worth a second look thanks to their thoughtful and empowering message. We rounded up a sample of the best signs we saw posted on the Internet and put them in the gallery above to look at, get a giggle and be reminded why this march happened.

Did you march?