9 GIFs to Console You Once Your Resolutions Go Out The Window

January has come to a close. Can you believe it? It’s a New Year, with a new president, and pretty much all the shit is hitting the fan, including your New Year’s Resolutions. We started out the year with extreme lists of changes and commitments now didn’t we? It was all New Year, New You! But after 31 days (OK, probably more like 30 days because we all know January 1st is a hangover wash and the real work starts on the 2nd) odds are the resolutions have slowly dropped off. Well, we’re here to tell you it’s ALL GOOD. In fact, here are 9 GIFs to console you once your resolutions go out the window:

When you finally break down and eat all the desserts:

When you skip the gym. Again:

When you officially deem the “Paleo Diet” lame AF and order a pizza:

When you decide you actually NEED that pair of jeans and saving money is whack:

When you throw your laptop against the wall because updating resumes is the worst:

When you realize caffeine is a gift from the universe and coffee is actually the best part of your day:

When you swap “you time” for Netflix time:

When you officially drop out of that online course that was going to make you a smarter person:

When you realize you’ll never get your Etsy store together because popsicle stick voodoo dolls aren’t super chill: