8 Things To Remember When You Start Hating On Your Body

Body image is so crazy. We start out in life not caring at all what we look like, what size we fit into or comparing ourselves to others, but as we grow up, those cares start to matter a lot and one day it comes as no surprise to wake up and find that you’re hating on your body. It could be you think your arms are too fat, your legs are too skinny, your waist isn’t perfect, your hair doesn’t look like a shampoo commercial. Maybe your skin is currently sucking or you aren’t tall enough. These self-sabotaging thoughts can literally cripple you from feeling good about yourself. Now that we’re more than a full week into 2017, it’s time to throw out those silly thoughts about yourself and remember these 8 things when you decide you’re less than a perfect 10.

1. Supermodels don’t exist.

OK…they may be labeled supermodels and look amazing in all those commercials and editorial campaigns and runway shows, but there is a SERIOUS amount of styling, make-up, fitting, airbrushing and angles that make them look flawless. In reality they deal with some of the same sh*t us normal folk do. Also, regular people outnumber those with super lucky genetics.

2. You have at least one feature that is outstanding. 

It could be stunning eyes, thick beautiful hair, long legs, perfect hands, incredible pore free skin or a dazzling smile. Regardless what it is, start with loving that feature and go from there when it comes to full self body image appreciation.

3. You need to flaunt this amazing feature.

Don’t hide what you love about your body. Find a way to accentuate those long lashes, perfect smile, tiny waist, or sexy curves.

4. Not everyone is attracted to the same “type.” 

Ok so you don’t look like a mythical supermodel. Guess what…not every guy/girl thinks that’s hot. Every body type has a group of adoring fans who would love to get up close and personal.

5. This is your body for life.

You can’t trade in what you have for something you think is better. In moments when you feel uncomfortable in the skin you’re in, give yourself a hug and remember that no matter what shape you are, the human body is pretty freakin’ incredible.

6. You’re in control of what you eat, how you dress and present yourself. 

Think you need to lose a few pounds or gain a few? Want your skin to glow and your style to improve? You’re capable of making change by adjusting your eating habits and trying things you would normally turn away from,

7. There’s only one of you. 

Even if you’re a twin or triplet etc. There is still only one of you. That makes you unique and amazing to the world. It’s not about what you look like, but what you bring and contribute to the world.

8. There are people in your life who don’t care what you look like. 

These are your friends and family. In times of feeling down about yourself, they are the ones to turn to who will reassure you time and again that you’re awesome just the way you are.