7 Reasons Gaining Relationship Weight is the Best Worst Thing Ever

We’ve all been there… you meet a person and sparks start flying. Suddenly, they’ve slid into your DMs, you text one another 24/7, and every free moment is all about hanging out and kissing with tongue. It’s only a matter of time until you’re such happy clams that eating out, whipping up intricate carb-heavy meals, and batches upon batches of cookies is a regular occurrence. Before the L-bombs are even dropped, the lbs start packing on! It’s par for the course when you’re falling in love, wouldn’t you say? With this in mind, here are seven reasons gaining relationship weight is the best WORST thing ever:

You get to eat all those bomb-ass cheat meals you’ve been eyeing at all the coolest restaurants.

You can stop your single eating behavior. Yeah, you know you have those weird “meal for one” recipes you don’t want people to know about.

You can bond over your shared need for TUMs AND you can open up the always awkward (and hilarious) “Is it cool if we pass gas in front of each other?” conversation.

It’s basically a physical indicator that yes, you are totally falling in love and that’s beautiful even if you feel like you’re pregnant with a food baby.

You’ll actually start craving healthy food and trips to the gym again. That’s how deep you fell into the wormhole.

At some point, you’ll look at each other (with all the love in the world and then some) and decide that couples exercising is totally chill.

And at the end of the day, you actually give zero fucks because you’re in love and you’re already locked down!