6 Things That Start To Happen 10 Years After High School

No matter who you are, high school can be a rather interesting and awkward time for all of us. Whether you had the time of your life back in your teens (seriously though, how did you do it?) or you couldn’t wait to get out of that hellhole (thaaat would be me), there comes a time when your past starts to bite you in the bum years down the line, no matter the type of person you used to be. Here are some of the weird things that start to happen 10 years after high school:

People who never even talked to you back then suddenly decide to come say hi and act like you’re old friends.

I had a dude that I had class with freshman year come up to me in the mall a few weeks ago to say hello. It took me a while to remember his name and while I did think it was nice of him to come say hello (and that he even remembered me) I also thought it was kind of strange considering he barely said a word to me back then.

The dude you never paid attention to turns out to be an amazing guy.

I met my boyfriend in high school but we never really talked until a few years ago. It’s insane how love works.

You find yourself in a completely different crew of friends, some you never even really knew back in high school.

The things you once wanted you can’t even imagine wanting now.

My career goals have drastically changed since high school and for the better. Time makes it easier in figuring out what you want.

You find yourself getting all nostalgic for years past yet grateful that they’re over.

Sometimes you’ll hear a song that came out while you were in high school and it brings you right back to that time. While things may not have been so great then, it’s quite freeing when you come back to reality and those days are in the past.

You wake up and realize it’s been 10 years since high school!

It literally feels like I’m still 18 and woke up at 28 the next morning. Time goes by so fast. Enjoy it as you appreciate getting older and all that’s yet to come.