12 Things You Never Knew About Wizards Of Waverly Place

We really got to know Selena Gomez was when her hit Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place, popped up on our TVs. We loved watching all the hilarity and hijinks of the Russo kids navigating their way through beginning wizardry, while learning plenty of life lessons along the way. We saw all the magic happen from the comfort of home, but behind-the-scenes there’s a lot about the show you likely didn’t know!

1. The show was originally going to take place in Ireland.

2. The show’s original titles was going to be The Amazing HannigansThe Amazing O’Malleys, or Disney Wizards. 

3. Joe Jonas auditioned for David Henri’s part of Justin Russo.

4. Selena Gomez’s character was originally going to be named Julia or Brooke O’Malley. 

5. Demi Lovato’s sister Dallas was supposed to be a regular on the show, but was cut from the pilot.

6. To pass the time between takes, Selena and David would have thumb wars. 

7. Some of the spells were created by manipulating the names of the producers. 

8. David wrote two of the show’s episodes: Alex’s Logo and Meet the Werewolves

9. Selena Gomez and David Henrie dated for awhile, but decided to call it quits after it began to feel awkward. 

10. Selena Gomez was the only actor to have both ethnicities of the fictional characters, Mexican and Italian.

11. When Wizards ended, each cast member got to keep something to to remember their time on the show. Selena, David, and Jake T. Austin got to keep their wands, and Gregg Sulkin kept his werewolf teeth. 

12. WOWP is the most watched series finale in Disney Channel history.