12 Signs You Belong In A YA Movie

There’s something so good about a young adult movie. Maybe it’s seeing a fresh perspective of a situation you can relate to, or the fact that they allow you to live in suspended reality for a couple hours where vampires and werewolves really exist. Perhaps it’s living vicariously through a seemingly perfect young couple in love to give you major feels. Regardless of why you love to indulge in some good YA eye candy these 10 signs will tell you if you deserve a part in the next YA movie to hit the silver screen!

1. You’ve read every popular YA series at least twice.

2. You have an adventurous spirit.

3. You’re willing to do things that scare you.

4. You have a unique look that turns heads everywhere you go.

5. You’re a sucker for a good love story.

6. You possess great talent and/or mystery.

7. You’re able to bro down with guys as well as play up your feminine nature.

8. You’re not a flashy person, but people always notice when you’re around.

9. You are ok with making sacrifices for the greater good.

10. You talk about YA novels so much, people tell you to write your own.