10 Things Way Better Than a Boyfriend

It’s that time of year… Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Plus, it’s cold AF and you definitely don’t feel like going out to troll for dudes every weekend. I bet you wish you were in love with a dashing fella on your horn. Sure, it sounds like paradise, but having a man in your life isn’t necessarily EVERYTHING. In fact, there’s plenty of things just as dope as having a partner in crime. Seriously! We swear.

Here are 10 fabulous things better than a boyfriend:

Seeing your favorite band in concert. Front row, obvi.

An amazing cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

Sleeping sprawled out like a starfish in your big, cozy bed.

Puppies. Lots and lots of puppies falling asleep in your lap and kissing your nose.

Really amazing, high quality, melt in your mouth sushi.

A bougie glass of wine. Or a craft cocktail. Purchased by a tall, handsome stranger.

Finding your dream boots/dress/jeans and holy shit, they’re ON SALE.

One of those picture perfect girls nights where it’s all love and every moment is lady power bliss.

Running into Ryan Gosling somewhere random like… a deli. Or Bed, Bath, and Beyond. And he totally loves your vibe.

Looking at your beautiful face in the mirror and knowing with full certainty… You’re a badass bitch. You rule the world and you look good doing it. You’re basically Olivia Pope.