10 Signs You Belong On The Red Carpet

With the Golden Globes having already passed, award season has officially started. This means we’ll soon be seeing red carpets happening every other day and tons of gorgeous fashion to drool over. The styling, glamour, and excitement is def something to be a little jelly of, but for some, it would be a dream come true to stand under the spotlight, have a zillion photographers snap your mug and get interviewed by oodles of press. Think you’re cut out for celeb life? Check out these 10 signs that you’re ready to walk the red carpet!

1. You have an incredibly outgoing personality.

2. When a camera comes out you’re the first to stand in front of it.

3. You have all your poses practiced to perfection.

4. You’re always camera ready when you leave the house.

5. Heels are your shoe of choice.

6. You practice answering press questions in the mirror.

7. One of your favorite things is looking at pics of celebs on the red carpet.

8. You love trying on fancy gowns at the mall…just to see how they look.

9. You already consider yourself almost famous.

10. You have a mental list of all the celebs you’d love to pose with.