Who Wore It Better: Paris Hilton Vs. Kendall Jenner In A Silver Sparkle Mini Dress

Back in November, Kendall Jenner had a glitzy birthday party to ring in her milestone 21st birthday. Of course this meant she had to have an equally glitzy dress to turn heads, and thanks to a little fashion inspo from Paris Hilton did just that.

Arriving in a slinky low cut silver sparkle mini dress, Kendall had a a designer replicate the  Julien Macdonald dress Paris rocked at her own 21st birthday in 2002! Comparisons were immediately made and now a few weeks later, Paris shared her reaction to the copycat dress with Grazia.

“I was actually at her birthday party in LA, and we were at the restaurant and I was talking to her mum and then all of a sudden this gorgeous, glittering birthday girl walked in, and as soon as I saw the dress I was like, ‘Oh my God, that is the exact same dress that I wore to my 21st birthday — that Julien Macdonald!'”

Paris has known Kendall since she was basically a baby, and wasn’t shy to hide how special Kendall’s homage to her felt.  “I was really flattered and I thought she looked stunning and I thought ‘It is the perfect birthday dress’ especially when you’re turning 21,” she shared.  “So it was really nice to see her wearing that and she looked gorgeous. We had a fun talk about it. It was cute, I saw on her Instagram she wrote ‘Paris Hilton vibes’ with a picture of the dress and I thought that was really sweet.”

Not gonna lie, we think both girls slayed in the dress, making it nearly impossible to decide who wore it better, but we’ll let you be the judge!

Who do you think wore the stunning silver mini better? Let us know in the comments below!