This Is Why The Only Color You Need To Wear Is Black

Wearing all black is the bomb. It’s easy, accessible, doesn’t have to be expensive, and never looks bad. Aside from these obvious reasons are 12 more why it’s the best choice for those who want to rock a monochromatic look 24/7/365

1. Everyone looks cool in black. 

2. It’s slimming.

3. It’s chic. 

4. Even if you wear different shades of black, you still look put together. 

5. You always look like you’re “with the band.”

6. You can wear the same outfit for days and no one will notice. 

7. If you spill on yourself, it’s ok, because black is the best camouflage.

8. It takes the stress out of what to wear.

9. Any accessory or lipstick you wear pops.

10. Wearing all black makes you feel sexy.

11. It never goes out of style. 

12. Any age can pull it off.