This Is Why Joe Jonas Is A Mega Babe

There’s no question that Joe Jonas is a mega babe. The former Jonas Brother turned DNCE frontman has basically grown up before our eyes, and successfully broke free of his days as a Tiger Beat pin-up to become one of young Hollywood’s hottest stars. DNCE had a phenomenal 2016, setting Joe up for some mega-stardom in 2017. We can’t wait to see what’s next for the 27-year-old dream, and back these reasons he’s soo smokin’.

1. His name is Joe…it’s a cool name, making him cool since birth.

2. Joe isn’t afraid to try a shit ton of different hair styles and colors.

3. That being said…his style is on point. It doesn’t matter what he wears, he always looks effortlessly put together.

4. His tattoos are tasteful, well placed, and thought out. No ex-girlfriend portraits on his arm…::cough::Bieber::cough::

5. Dat smile…ugh.

6. His energy on-stage is infectious and makes you crush harder than you ever thought possible.

7. He loves his friends and family. Can’t resist a babe who is also a sweetheart.

8. Joe has a great sense of humor.

9. He’s an art collector.

10. Joe is amazing at giving his fans just enough of his personal life to keep them satisfied without completely compromising his mystique.

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