Things Everyone Needs To Leave Behind In 2016

2017 is basically a blink of an eye away, and with it comes resolutions, re-inspired attitudes, and the opportunity to leave bad juju in your life behind. It might feel a little overwhelming to do a complete life overhaul starting Jan. 1, but here are 6 suggestions of things to leave behind when the clock strikes midnight to kick start your new year right!

1. Toxic Friends

It can be tough to say goodbye to a friend you’ve been through thick and thin through, but if they are bringing nothing but babd juju into your life, acting competitive, passive aggressive, or straight up ignoreing every text you send, you can consider 2016 the last chapter of your friendship. There’s too many cool people out ther who would die to be tight with you!

2. Your bad relationship

Ugh…how many times can we look back and realize how much time was wasted on a douche bag? Don’t start your new year with excess emotional baggage. There are so many single babes waiting to meet you!

3. Bad food habits

There is NOTHING WRONG with indulging in junk food. However if you realize you’re eating out alll the time and know the local drive thru cashier, you might want to leave those bad habits in the past and buy some vegetables Jan. 1, 2017.

4. Any anger you have in your life

When you’re mad, it can sometimes seem like the most impossible emotion to get over. However, anger only bring you down and breeds negativity. Think about trying to find forgiveness, or at least plan a bunch of stuff to kick your new year off right that will keep you distracted from focusing on what has pissed you off so bad.

5. Resolutions you know you won’t keep

We all love to be ambitious and make grand resolutions for the new year, but don’t try to take on more than you know you can realistically chew when 2017 hits.

6. Social media stalking 

LOL. We’re allll guilty of stalking that crush, ex-bf, ex-bf new girlfriend, the cute guy you hooked up with but never got your number, former friend…you get the idea. However, all this social media stalking can produce a lot of things that can hurt, disappoint and make you feel like a little bit of a creep. So next time you get the urge to snoop, put the phone down and slowly step away.