The Magic Continues: Love Circle 11.11

On 11.11, I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Mojave Desert.  I joined gathers for four days to co-create a culture of love, creativity, self-expression and awareness for the Love Circle Festival… Love Circle is more than just a festival though. It’s a movement.  They’re on a mission to raise humanity as a whole, bringing in the New Age (an era of equality), understanding of our differences and likenesses, peace, growth, sustainability, creativity, passion, love and joy.

My favorite aspect was that it was a community created festival, where all participate in devising a new culture to better our world. The festival consisted of 3 days of desert camping, ecstatic dance, classes, connection and creation. Transformation was inevitable and our spirits were raised to our higher self through practicing the change we wish to see.  Love Circle is important to me because effecting a lasting change in humanity’s path is not going to come from the few leaders on top.

I was greatly affected by the outcome of the resent election and realized that change comes when the masses take a stance as individuals and as a collective. We came together to co-create a culture of awareness, compassion, creativity, passionate expression and sustainability. This festival was a powerful step on the mission to raise humanity as a whole, by empowering individuals to practice the change they wish to see, within themselves first. The future depends on the actions we take for ourselves today. This festival taught me to follow your passions, tap into creativity, love and create, and be the change you wish to see.  We all want to see the world change. If you’d like to be a part of the movement, check out Love Circle’s official website HERE.


AWARENESS: Wake up! We create our own reality. By cultivating awareness and practices that ignite self-development, together we can usher in this new age of sustainable living and progressive innovation.

LOVE: Love comes from within – easier said than realized! Yet the truth remains – we must fill ourselves with self-love first. Live in joy and the love will spread naturally.

SELF-EXPRESSION: Strive to live out your highest potential with each waking breath. By following our passions and listening to our inner selves, we can all become the greatest versions of ourselves. So express yourselves freely and share your gifts with the world – it is your responsibility to the collective evolution of humanity.

CREATIVITY: Find your flow! Creation leads to innovation, which leads to progress. Tap into your creative energy and build the world that you wish to live in.