Taylor Swift Feuds: The 2016 Edition

Another year… another collection of Taylor Swift feuds. When you’re as famous, powerful, connected, and paparazzi stalked as TSwift, your personal business becomes public chatter pretty much instantly. This year, TSwift had a few extra rounds with some of her longterm frenemies. Let’s recap Taylor’s biggest feuds of 2016 and let’s hope the coming year is filled with peace signs, sunshine, puppies, and rainbows.

Taylor Vs. Kim Kardashian & Kayne West

The feud that just won’t die continues! This year, it was all about a little lyric. In the track “Famous” Kanye raps that he “made that bitch famous” in regards to Taylor and the MTV Movie Award speech interruption. UGH, I’m already bored. Well, Kayne claims he ran the lyric by Swift beforehand and she approved it. Tay Tay says that’s not the case. This baby feud exploded when Kim got involved and posted video of Kanye on the phone with Taylor RE: said lyric and her approval of it. He said, she said. Blah blah blah. The beef won’t ever end when you live for attention, eh?

Taylor Vs. Calvin Harris

In the aftermath of their breakup, things got a bit hairy between these two on the lamest avenues of all… TWITTER. The new exes threw shade back and forth and Calvin instructed Tay Tay to focus on the positives of her own life (aka new BF Tom Hiddleston) instead of trying to tear others down. Calvin was also initially disappointed when Swifty revealed she cowrote his smash hit “This Is What We Came For,” but later thanked her publicly (on Twitter of course) for working with him on the track. I guess this feud is over. Whew.

Taylor Vs. Katy Perry 

These two former pals have been enemies for years now. Why? We’re pretty sure it has to do with John Mayer, but we’re also a little hazy on the details. All we know is Perry is NOT invited to any girl squad events. With the “Bad Blood” music video constantly on the horn this year, this battle shows no signs of ending.

Taylor Vs. Demi Lovato

We know Demi is all about female empowerment and standing up to bullies. While she knew it might get her in trouble, she publicly stated that the “girl squad” wasn’t exactly chock full of ladies with normal body types. She also remarked that having a song and music video specifically geared towards tearing Katy Perry down wasn’t exactly an empowering message for women. #Preach.