Scrunchies Are Rad And Need To Make A Major Comeback

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen every other girl rocking a scrunchie in their hair. In the ’80s and ’90s, scrunchies were tres cool…but now it’s like spotting Big Foot when you see one being worn loud and proud out in public.

With ’90s trends standing strong in fashion, it’s time for scrunchies to make a big time comeback. Sure character, Carrie Bradshaw, shamed the colorful, poofy, cloth, hair elastics big time in Sex and The City, but the series is long since over and there should be #noshame left in the idea of throwing your messy top knot up in one.The coolest girls are onto the trend already, jetting around with a scrunchie ‘do like it’s nobodies business.

So go ahead and click into the gallery above for all the scrunchie inspo you need to bring this awesome accessory back