How To Look Classy Not Trashy On New Year’s Eve

It’s December 26th… you’ve unwrapped your presents, gorged on Christmas cookies, and put in all the required appearances at family gatherings. Odds are, there’s only one thing left on your mind… New Year’s Eve. Ladies, do you have your outfit picked out yet? If not, here are some helpful tips on how to avoid the inevitable trap of looking trashy instead of classy on this holiday of debauchery.

Avoid Overexposure

When it comes to showing skin, there’s a very fine line between classy and trashy. It’s totally ok if you want to show off your legs, your arms, or your back, but you may want to stick to one category. A halter crop top and a skin tight mini skirt might not be the right NYE message. If you have a dope mini or a cool pair of leather hot pants, pair it with a long sleeved body suit or a blouse and a leather jacket. If you want to go backless, look for a long dress or something you can pair easily with tights. You’ll be more comfortable and you won’t attract the wrong kind of attention for drunk dudes at the bar.

Think About Weather

Even if you’re planning on going to a house party or an indoor soiree, you’ll be spending at least a bit of your night outside walking or standing on patios. Take the weather into consideration when getting dressed. Wear tights if you’re rocking a mini skirt and bring a jacket that compliments your outfit AND actually keeps you warm.

Make Sure Your Shoe Game Is Comfortable

You don’t want to be the girl walking barefoot and clutching her heels in one hand at the end of the night. Allow yourself to stay classy well after the ball drops at midnight by wearing cute, but comfortable shoes. Try booties with heels or wedges instead of five inch stilettos not fit for human use.

Embrace Sequins And Sparkle In Moderation

Sequins, sparkles, and plenty of shiny jewelry tend to be an NYE fashion staple. Do your thing, but practice moderation. If you’re wearing a sequin dress, you might not need a statement necklace, diamond hoops, and pumps with crystals on them.

Sheer Is Cooler Than Skin

While it’s tempting to rock a crop top and a short skirt, remember it’s cold out there! Also, sheer material can be a little more classy and honestly, a tad more flattering and sexy than just full blown exposed skin. Instead of tube tops and hot pants, look for a nice dress with sheer details around the chests, neck, or sides.

Feel Confident And OK Seeing Your Family

That’s a pretty solid rule of thumb, eh? Once you’ve put your entire NYE ensemble together, make sure you can stand in front of the mirror and feel confident AF. Know, without hesitation that you’re dope without worrying about how your legs look or how your stomach protrudes. Most importantly, would you feel OK running into co-workers or your family in your outfit? If not, maybe rethink a few things.

Remember It’s Just Another Day

NYE is all about the hype. Don’t get too in your head when you’re planning your night and your outfit. It’s just another night out on the town with your friends. Be yourself and avoid investing tons of cash on an outfit that you don’t think you’ll ever wear again.