How To Deal With A Holiday Break Up

We’ve all experienced the heartache of breaking up with someone, but when it happens during the holidays, the stab to the heart feels just a little bit deeper. You might have prezzies wrapped and ready to give, only to unwrap and return in January. Mistletoe will go unused and New Years is going to start out with a very #dark mood. There’s really nothing that can be said to make it better but here’s a crib sheet on how to deal with a busted heart during the happiest time of the year.

1. Indulge in whatever food you want.

Seriously…give yourself the next couple weeks to go at food with a DGAF attitude. This is also the amount of time you will allow yourself to mourn the loss. Come Jan. 1, ditch the dark clouds and bad food…make yourself the priority!

2. Watch all the holiday feel good rom-com movies you can until your eye balls fall out. 

Not only will they be an awesome distraction, but you’ll relate to all the #feels.

3. Look at photo galleries of your celebrity crush.

This will suddenly make your ex look so lame.

4. If you’re old enough, try a dating site!

Even if you don’t meet anyone in person, getting matches and having light, flirty conversations will boost your ego and confidence through the roof.

5. Write down a list of everything you love doing by yourself, or have been afraid to do by yourself and DO IT!

You’ll feel super independent and cool.

6. Take a break from social media.

Not snooping on your ex, or posting anything about yourself, will keep you from seeing stuff that might make you feel worse, and will give you an air of mystery.