How To Deal With 5 Kinds Of Disappointment

One of the most bummer emotions in life is disappointment. When you think something is going to happen, or you’re going to be treated a certain way, and it doesn’t come through, you can find yourself suddenly suffering from some serious emotional blues. Obviously, not all disappointment is the same, and when it happens you can feel a myriad of emotions related to it. So take a minute and check out these five different types of disappointment and how to deal.

1. A first date with a guy you met on a dating app doesn’t spark. This sucks. It’s hard enough to date these days, but when you make a connection with a cute, cool guy, it’s easy to get those fluttery, “I think I just met someone!” feelings. However, fun chatting on a dating app doesn’t always translate to real life. As nice as it is to get a little extra attention, meeting IRL can end up being a dud.

How to deal: Before you start moaning about how the dating world is against you and you’ll never meet your prince charming, remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with you. Instead, try a different approach to meeting a mate. Take a cool class, say hi to that cute stranger on the street, and try swiping right on a person you might normally pass up! You never know who is going to surprise you!

2. You didn’t get the dream job you interviewed for. Ugh. Job hunting is tough and when you finally get an interview for a job you have literally only dreamed of, it’s easy to get your hopes up and start spending the money you actually haven’t earned yet. Then you find out they went with a different candidate and you’re still broke and feeling totally un-hireable. Boo.

How to deal: The best way to look at this kind of situation is that it simply wasn’t meant to be. Be sure to thank the people who interviewed you and ask that they keep you in mind for future opportunities. Remember, this isn’t the last dream job to present itself, and you’ll certainly get other chances to dazzle future employers. The best thing to do is keep at it! Having a defeatist attitude won’t make your dreams come true or score you interviews. Throw enough things at the wall, something is bound to stick.

3. You didn’t get the raise you wanted at work. Unfortunately there are a lot of factors that can play into this, but the overriding disappointment is you thought you were getting a bump in pay, and for whatever reason, it’s not happening.

How to deal: Find out if it’s because of your job performance. If that’s the case, talk to your boss about what you can do to earn those extra bucks. Maybe it’s a tight budget and your company can’t afford it. Whatever the reason, the best way to deal is to remain calm, friendly and dedicated to your job. Attitude plays a huge part in getting what you want. There’s also no law saying you can’t start looking for another opportunity that will give you the pay you deserve!

4. Big plans fall through. Oooh…there’s nothing worse than having a trip, concert, party etc. on your calendar only to have it fall through at the last minute. Talk about excitement crushing.

How to deal: It doesn’t matter which way you look at it, it doesn’t change the fact that your previous bubble of happy anticipation has been burst. You might shed a few tears, have a permanent frown in your face, and hate everyone, but shit happens and you can’t change it. So instead of wallowing in disappointment, make a list of other fun things you can do instead and start doing them! You’ll forget about those failed plans in no time!

5. That perfect bag, outfit, accessory etc you ordered online actually sucks and doesn’t look good IRL. Seriously, how many times have you lusted after something you see online, saved up money, ordered it, received it and find out that it absolutely sucks/looks bad.

How to deal: This is a terrible situation, especially when you were planning on wearing said thing to a special event and now you’re back to square one of not having anything. Best way to deal is to simply return it, dig through your closet for something you may have forgotten about and/or hit the mall for something you can try without paying a shipping fee.