Hot Or Not: Kylie Jenner With Fiery Red Brows

These days we don’t even bat an eye when Kylie Jenner makes a major style or beauty change. The multi-millionaire teen has proven she’s a chameleon when it comes to her looks, and flawlessly pulls off everything she tries. However when she jumped on Snapchat Monday, she appeared to have fiery red brows arching over her eyes, which kinda made all her followers jaws drop.

While everyone was running out to their nearest beauty supply store to do their brows a bold rainbow color, Kylie posted on Instagram a few hours later to prove she hadn’t made any drastic change and was still sticking with her natural dark brown brow.

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

We like Kylie with her natural brows better, but what do you think? Are Kylie Jenner’s (fake) red brows hot or not?