7 Ways To Cope With Being In The Friend Zone

We’ve all been there… you meet an amazing person, your insides start to tingle and you feel that loving feeling. Your mind starts whirling and all you want to do is slide right into their DMs. Then, before you can show your cards and present your very sexy vibe, the other person gives you a swift kick in the ass directly into the friend zone. #thestruggleisreal. If you’ve ended up in the dreaded friend zone, here are seven ways to cope with your fate.

Take Some Space – Once you’re banished to the friend zone, take some time away from the human who placed you there. The last thing you need is to torture yourself pining away. You’re not despo like that!

Whatever You Feel, Just Dance It Off – Sure, it sounds dorky, but sometimes when you’re feeling low you just need to start dancing in the dark. Put together a killer playlist and dance it out. We highly recommend the summer trifecta… Nick Jonas “Bacon,” Meghan Trainor “Me Too,” and Ariana Grande “Bad Decisions.” Pump those jams full volume and you’ll feel great.

Go Lo-Fi – We know it’s hard in this day and age, but try to avoid the cyber stalk. Don’t go swimming through their social media. Turn off the noise and focus on yourself and other prospects!

Find A Sweet Distraction – If you’ve got it bad for a pal it can be really tough to move on, but the key is to try. When you’re fully in the friend zone, odds aren’t exactly in your favor so keep your eyes wide open and go fishing.

Remind Yourself You’re Dope – OK, so your bud isn’t into you romantically. It’s a bummer, but remember you’re still the shit. Chemistry and feelings are what they are and sometimes they’re pretty uncontrollable. So don’t forget that you’re pretty amazing.

Embrace The Friend Vibe – You know what? Having great friends is just as important as romance. Your romantic feelings aside, you’ve created a connection with another human and that’s pretty rare. Embrace it.

Let It Go – It’s the hardest step, but the most important one. Whatever is meant to be will be, so don’t let yourself live in the “what if” fantasy for too long.