8 Things From 2016 We’d LOVE To Forget

At this point, it’s safe to say 2016 was not a world class year. In fact, most people I know are ready for this insane year to be OVER and done with. If you’re reflecting on the past 11 months wondering why it was such a shit show, let’s help you pour a little bit of salt in the wound, shall we? Here are eight things from 2016 we’d love to forget and GIFs to help us remember the good times. On a positive note, there’s only one way to go from here… UP. Hopefully.

The Election – Whether you were a purebred Trump supporter or true blue hater, it’s safe to say the election was long, hard, divisive, and traumatic. UGH UGH UGH.

David Bowie, Prince, and Alan Thicke Died – Talk about a bummer of an R.I.P. year. To see Prince, David Bowie, and Alan Thicke among others die this year was wildly sad.

Harambe The Gorilla – Anyone who’s been to a zoo and seen a fully grown gorilla in person knows how beautiful and majestic this creature can be. We might be one step closer to apes and gorillas taking over after Harambe’s untimely end. Parents, keep your babies away from safety rails.

Orlando Shooting – Unfortunately, mass shootings have become a much more common occurrence than we ever thought possible. The Orlando shooting at a gay nightclub really added another layer of sads to our collective consciousness.

Syria – We’ve been hearing about the turmoil in Syria for years. In 2016, shit really went south. I can’t even bring myself to post the absolutely horrific photos, so here’s a GIF of a puppy.

Zika Virus – Just what we need… a new virus! 2016 was the year everyone was afraid they had Zika after one or two mosquito bites.

Fires & Hurricane Matthew – Wildfires wreaked havoc on California, North Carolina, and parts of Tennessee. Gatlinburg, TN, home of Dollywood, got it pretty bad. And of course, there was Hurricane Matthew killing over 900 people. #poursaglassofwine

Brexit – The UK is no longer in the EU. Crazy, right? I think the entire world is curious to see how this pans out.

If you were truly touched by one of these bummer events, consider donating time or money to a non-profit organization. The Red Cross, American Civil Liberties Union, and Planned Parenthood are great places to start. Here’s a little more info on the best charities to donate to.