7 Ways To Deal With The Inevitable Let Down That Is NYE

It’s safe to say, we’re all ready for 2016 to end. Some of us are truly counting down the days, OK maybe the HOURS until 2017 is upon us. And naturally, because 2016 was a dud year where we lost so many greats, odds are NYE hype is at an all time high… which means New Year’s Day spirits after a lame night will be at an all time low. Plan ahead and manage your expectations so 2017 is nothing but magic from day one. Here are seven ways to deal with the inevitable let down that is NYE:

Embrace The Suck

There are certain things on NYE that are always a chore. Finding an Uber, dealing with surge pricing, waiting in lines for the bathroom and the bar, and overpriced drinks because it’s a holiday. Embrace the suck, know what you’re getting into and just enjoy yourself regardless!

Remember Kissing At Midnight Isn’t Everything

Even if you’re going through a dry spell, you’ve probably been kissed before. If you don’t get a kiss from a stranger at midnight, you WILL survive. In fact, you’ll do more than survive! You’ll survive with your high kissing standards intact.

No Party Is As Great As The Party In Your Dreams

As you throw on your party dress, you’re probably picturing a world class soiree. Your dream party has chocolate fountains, extravagant fireworks displays at midnight, and Leonardo DiCaprio is dancing with you. NYE at your local watering hole isn’t going to look that way. Keep the vision realistic so you’re not disappointed.

Stay Positive

Every experience is all about your attitude and the people you’re with. Even if your night doesn’t go according to plan, keep it positive and remember all the things you’re grateful for and lucky to have!

Skip The Mega Bash

You know what the mega bash looks like. There are cover charges and whack champagne toasts and less that stellar decorations. There are lines for the bathroom and uncomfortable shoes. Skip the mess and plan a nice dinner with friends or a little house party. Being around a choice group of your favorites is always better than a room full of drunk strangers.

Don’t Get Lit

Hangovers are the worst. That’s just a fact. If your night was lame, a hangover is just icing on the bummer cake. Enjoy a drink or two responsibly (not 4 shots and 7 beers) and wake up feeling like a champion instead of a garbage human.

Eat Your Favorite Meal

January 1st marks the start of “diet and exercise” life. To ensure your NYE is a hit no matter what, treat yourself to your favorite cheat meal before you dive into a world filled with carrot sticks and green juice.