6 Things That Stress You Out After A Great First Date

In our lifetime, we will go on many, many, many terrible first dates. The chemistry might not be there, an embarrassing moment might happen, one person might like the other more…the list goes on. However, hidden among all these terrible face-to-face small talk sessions, are magical, amazing first dates that leave you head-over-heels swooning, and hoping you’ll get another chance to chill with a new found babe. Of course waiting and wondering if that will happen can be total torture and these are six post-date stresses we all deal with.

1. Why haven’t they texted me?? After a first date, you’ll be wrapped in a big blanket of cozy excitement and your heart will be buzzing. Naturally, you think they feel the same, and want to keep the vibes strong. However, if they aren’t texting you within 24 hours, fear and doubt begin to creep in that maybe they decided they aren’t that into you after all. Give it a week and if tumbleweeds are blowing past, it’s a sure sign to move on and find a better match.

2. Which brings us to…Do I like them more than they like me? This is a stress that sucks. When you like someone and they don’t like you it can be crushing. The silver lining is that you’ve only been on one date, so it’s easy to get over within a day or two.

3. Should I text them? Oh man, it’s a tough call. There will be so many excuses you can come up with to justify tapping out a message with a few carefully curated emojis, but there’s no guarantee they’ll text back. They also might just respond with a, “haha” or “cool.” Try to restrain, but if curiosity starts to kill you, text something short, sweet, and casual. It’s always better to be cool and confident than needy and desperate.

4. And about that desperation thing…Are you going to look desperate and needy if you reach out? Probably not, but if your date has decided you’re not a good match for them, their response to you will likely be something polite and friendly with no attempt to continue any kind of conversation or ask you out again.

5. So you stress about what might have gone wrong. Suddenly everything you said and did feels like every reason your date needed to decide they never wanted to see you again. News flash…if you were yourself, you didn’t do anything wrong. So just stop the over analyzing.

6. Will I ever have another great first date? When your seemingly perfect first date never turns into a second, it can feel discouraging and strike a little fear in your fragile heart that you may have hit your limit on amazing first dates. Chill. You’ll be fine…there are more on the way.