6 Signs It’s Time To Give Up The Guy Who Doesn’t Deserve You

When someone you have major feels for is nothing short of reckless with your emotions, it’s time to take stock of why you keep allowing your heart to get beat up. While it’s way easier said than done to cut your crush loose, you gotta have faith there is someone way better who is wondering where the heck you are!

So, in case your mind and heart are currently in a serious tug of war, here are a few hints that it’s time to say, “Boy bye!” to the jerk you’ve been wasting your time on, and find your real Prince Charming.

1. His “chill DGAF” attitude you admire so much extends to you. 

He probably seems sooo cool because he doesn’t let a lot affect him. Newsflash, if his actions are hurting your feelings, it’s a pretty safe bet that you haven’t had much of an effect on him, making you a pretty low priority on his list.

2. You catch him in lies. 

Listen, there’s a reason he’s lying. He’s lying because he knows he’ll lose you if you know the truth. If he’s hiding the truth, it must be bad, and if it’s that bad, it’s time to start blocking him on all social media.

3. He’s totally ok getting back to you at his convenience. It could be hours, days, weeks…you get the picture.

Of course when you do hear from him, it’s full of, “I miss you!” and, “xoxo!” making it hard to ignore. However, giving him the time of day, when it it took him forever to respond to a simple question, doesn’t even deserve an emoji reply.

4. He’s convinced you that your “unconventional relationship” of late nights, hooking up, and not ever going on a real date is cooler and more fun than what is considered, “normal.”

In the real world, we call this “unconventional relationship” a booty call. He sucks. You deserve so much more.

5. He can’t hold  himself accountable for treating you bad.

Basically he can’t apologize for anything unless you ask him to…and you have to ask for an apology because he doesn’t think he’s treating you poorly. Ew as f*ck.

6. When you try to break things off, he suddenly can’t live without you.

You’ve been his personal cheerleader, ego fluffer, and admirer for god knows how long, and who wants to lose that kind of attention?! Ignore all his pleas and promises…you’ve already given more than he was willing to give and way more than he deserves.