6 Killer Girl Power Moments In 2016

Being a modern women isn’t always easy. It’s safe to argue that sexism still exists in 2016 with serious wage gaps and the attacks our girl Hillary had to endure during the presidential election. Before the state of this universe gets you feeling #dark, let’s try to focus on a few positive things shall we? To remind you that being a woman is the shit, here are six killer girl power moments from 2016. Let’s make 2017 that much better for gals everywhere!

Simone Biles Crushed The Olympics

All hail Simone! This pint-sized 19-year-old gymnast was America’s sweetheart/Gold medal machine at the Summer Olympics. Head and shoulders above the competition, Simone was the first ever U.S. Gymnast to take home four gold medals. Our girl is arguably the greatest gymnast of ALL TIME.

Ashley Graham Scored The Cover of Sports Illustrated

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition is typically a scantily clad display that screams… sorry you’ll never EVER look like this because these women are from another planet where perfection and zero percent body fat are real. This year, Ashley Graham landed the cover spot. Defined as a ‘plus size model’ (cue eye roll because she’s totally gorgeous and not exactly “plus” in our book) Ashley and her stunning body totally crushed it and made SI history.

Anti-Tampon Tax Legislation Made Minor Gains

Did you know tampons are currently taxed as a LUXURY ITEM in most states? I think we can all agree, no lady feels particularly luxurious when buying up a box of tampons every month. Anti-tampon tax legislation is slowly, but surely making gains with five states ending that ridiculous taxation category.

Amy Schumer On The Forbes Highest Paid Comedian List

Major snaps to Amy Schumer. This mega hilarious, mega successful comedian made history this year by being the first female to land on the Forbes “Highest Paid Comedian” list. With a cool $17 million dollars earned, Amy was #4 on the charts.

Pantsuit Nation Exists

After Hillary lost the election, many women felt shocked and isolated. Out of this period of mourning sprung a secret Facebook group called the Pantsuit Nation. With over four million members, this group is all about support and standing up against hate and bigotry. Join the nation if you need a few million like-minded individuals to commiserate and share stories with.

Barbie Got A Makeover

Our girl Barbie finally got a makeover. This iconic doll is now available in petite, tall, and curvy body types. You can also find her in various skin types and with different eye and hair colors.