This Is Why The End Of Heartbreak Is Actually Kind Of Sad & Scary

Going through a break up, or realizing the person you desperately want to be your permanent plus one has zero interest in being romantically linked to you, is tough. There’s potential for the heartache following the heartbreak to linger for a realllly long time. However, nothing lasts forever and eventually everything settles down and one morning you wake up and feel pretty OK! The only problem is this ‘OK’ feeling can be kind of scary and induce a little panic. Think we’re crazy?? Here are 5 reasons why.

1. Waking up not feeling like you’re gonna puke means you’re moving past it, and that means your ex-something is suddenly becoming part of your past. This is scary because you never thought you’d feel ok again and that anxious nagging feeling has been like a security blanket, letting you know that this person you’ve had so many feels for is still relevant. Now they aren’t so much.

2. This lack of relevancy in your life then shines light on the fact that you are moving on, and moving on into the unknown can be really daunting.

3. You’re also not feeling quite so affected by posts you see on this person’s Instagram or Twitter feed. This is prone to shadow you in sadness, realizing you’ve changed as a person. Change is scary…it means you’re growing up and getting older.

4. Healing a wounded heart means you’re pretty much prepped and ready to begin dating someone else, but this means running the risk of another round of heartbreak…who needs that?! On the flip side…who wants to be alone forever?

5. This also means your ex-something-or-other is also moving on and dating other people, which isn’t a fun fact to find out no matter how ‘over it’ you think you are. Ugh.