15 Things That Go Through Every Broke Girl’s Mind

There’s no question that not having an excess of cash to tap into pretty much sucks…especially around the holidays! Not being able to buy something you want for someone, or having to decline an invitation because your wallet is empty can feel like the worst thing ever. It’s hard to believe that your broke girl situation will ever change, but eventually it will. Until then, it’s easy to relate to the following things that run through every mind of the monetarily challenged.

1. I have no money and this sucks. 

2. I can’t afford this.

3. Why does everyone have to do a big expensive group outing to celebrate things?

4. What can I do to make my worn out clothes look fresh and trendy? 

5. I’m so broke I can’t even afford Forever 21. 

6. I shouldn’t feel sorry for myself, there are people worse off than me…but this still sucks.

7. Why is everything so expensive?

8. I wonder what it’s like to have Kylie Jenner’s bank account.

9. Kylie Jenner will never know what it’s like to not have money.

10. Fuck Kylie Jenner. Not really…she’s earned her money and I still want it. 

11. I hate my life. 

12. I hope so-and-so cleans out their closet soon so I can score some “new” stuff.

13. What can I sell for some extra holiday cash?

14. What excuse haven’t I used in awhile to get out of going to (insert event)?

15. Why does everyone else seem to have money but me?

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